We tokenize high alpha royalty streams.


The EarthAlpha Network is raising US$100 million in crypto equivalent in a Security Token Offering to establish an EOS Blockchain Platform for Tokenising Ethical Energy Resource Royalties.

EarthAlpha Network (EAN) is a unique concept for the tokenization of high alpha (highly profitable) royalty income streams from ethical early-mature stage mineral and energy based resource ventures and associated disruptive technologies.

The EAN Tokens provide an alternative investment mechanism for public and institutional investors and an alternative for resource owners and energy developers to fund projects. Subject to community voting, we also allow 3rd party holders of royalty assets to tokenize them on a secure platform and sell into an open market.

The EarthAlpha Network provides an open, decentralised block chain based market where members can gain exposure to royalty income streams usually only accessible to large funds and investment managers.


How does EarthAlpha Network help?

Industry Challenges we Address



Many lack access, it is very hard to invest in ethical energy resource and production for ‘outsiders’.

Investing in mining shares can have a large overhead and often returns are low.


Resources Owner

Traditional funding options are difficult, often expensive and time consuming. Such options often result in loss of control over the assets, ie they might be highly dilutive.

The Opportunity


Community BENEFITS

EAN invests only sustainable projects capable of delivering profound benefits to local communities and broader economies.


Resource Owners

Non-dilutive, highly automated, quick and easy to use.

Secured by the EOS block chain

Broader engagement and participation in the fund raising


Multi-billion dollar resource industry

Battery minerals (lithium, cobalt, graphite, copper, nickel, vanadium, etc)

Rare Earth Minerals

Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc)

Hydrocarbons, hydrogen and emerging cleaner energy material and catalysts. (with an emphasis on clean, green energy and transitional projects)


Value Drivers

Exchange fees on trades

Listing fees on royalties and other assets

Royalty income

Typical returnsfor profitable royalties from producing assets- target IRR of 38% less running costs



Juan Jeffery


IIOT exposure to blockchain architechure and applications in built environments.

Extensive global mining, resources and oil & gas, M&A and royalty agreements expertise. Experienced in resources asset selection, investment, development, operations, corporate and board governance, Australian accredited finance advisor, KYC, AML


John Heugh


Extensive global mining, resources, oil & gas sector experience, listed company management & corporate governance, capital raising.




Extensive global, oil, gas and resources expertise. Listed company board and executive experience.

Specializes in project generation, asset evaluations and business development. Skilled in, M&A, royalty agreements, capital raising and blockchain architechure and business development.

Ivan Mantelli 2 cropped.jpg



Experienced in corporate and ICO advisory, ex-ABN Amro and Fairfax Media & Salmat, MD of Kapitalized-specialising in ICO startups, ICOs, marketing, strategy, product design and venture capital. Lead advisor for a number of ICOs/STOs.


Mark Lockett

Lead Developer

Mark is a dedicated Blockchain programmer & coder, consulting inter alia, to the EOSphere.io team. He is a 19 year veteran of the industry and was CTO of retail software startup OscarPOS for 7 years.

Juan Otero Profile Picture.jpg

Juan Otero


Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Innovation Specialist, ex Sun Microsystems, Oracle & Booking.com. Worked with Silicon Valleys Founder Institute, European Insititute of Innovation & Technology. Founder/CEO of Restaurantes.com-sold to Michelin (Mkt Cap $21B).


Paul Kang

Security Advisor

Co-founder of Entersoft, world’s premier crypto-security firm winner, inter alia, of 2017 HK Fintech of the Year, 2017 Australian Fintech Awards.Specialist in ethical hacking, secure blockchain development, anti-phishing, smart contracts, ICOs, crypto exchange audits.


Dr Xue Li

Named one of the 50 most influential people in Australia by the Financial Review and winner of the Microsoft Innovation and Australia Open Big Data Application awards. Dr Li has filed patents on the social "Opinion Search Engine" and Data Ownership of the human gene data. He founded ADMA Asia PAcific and is an industry acknowledged expert on Blockchain and 'Big Data'



Legal Advisors

DLA Piper,an accomplished law firm with a global footprint, was one of the world’s earliest participants in the crypto-currency space. Familiar & experienced with SEC rulings & compliance in the crypto space, it has advised clients such as Gonetwork, Nexus, Capassity, Propy & Covocate

MRO Logo 1500px.png

Mineral Royalties Online

Mineral Royalties Online (MRO) is a specialist brokerage for mining royalties that has been involved in over US$1B royalty transactions over the past 5 years. The MRO team has led royalty sale processes and due diligence exercises for BHP, Anglo American, Norilsk Nickel, Jervois Mining, Talisman Mining and numerous other global mining groups/prospectors.